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Weed Edibles

What to Know About Weed Edibles When Buying for the First Time

Our friendly Sacramento dispensary team is passionate about delivering a great array of the best cannabis products to our customers. And we certainly believe we have delivered and continue to deliver on this mission. However, it is always important to note that what may be the best cannabis products for one person may not be the best cannabis products for another. There is an arguably overwhelming amount of weed varieties to choose from to add to that, many (and some complex) ways of consuming said cannabis products. Weed edibles are one of those popular CBD products, but the question is -- are they going to be popular with you?

Weed edibles have a lot of big benefits, with the biggest being you don't have to inhale any type of smoke. This is big as both traditional pipes as well as vaping products pose a risk to your lungs and airways, especially when used over the course of a lifetime. In this way, weed edibles are the safer choice. However, consuming CBD products in this manner is a totally different experience. Weed edibles tend to take longer to show effect, and last longer when they do. They also have a much more potent impact. You won't know how much these differences will impact you until you try weed edibles for the first time.

Because of these different effects, we recommend the following things when using weed edibles for the first time or when switching to a different dose of these types of cannabis products:

  • Experiment first in the evening. All cannabis products have the potential to make person feel sleepy and relaxed. Weed edibles tend to really pack this punch. Trying them out or trying a more potent dose in the evening makes it so you won't have to worry if it knocks you out more than you anticipated.

  • Wait at least two hours for an effect. Your body has to start digesting the weed edibles before they take effect and this can sometimes take upwards of two hours.

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