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Benefits of Choosing Vape Products at Your Local Weed Dispensary

When most people are first introduced to the idea of a weed dispensary, they focus foremost on the actual green buds of marijuana. They are, after all, the true bread and butter of any weed dispensary. However, that is not the only type of product offered at such locations, nor is there only one way to consume the marijuana you do find at your local weed dispensary. One incredibly popular method of consumption and product sold at our own Sacramento weed dispensary is vape products.

Vape products, also known generally as vaporizers, are battery-operated devices by which the user can inhale their cannabis as an aerosol. While vape products do have a heating coil and do intrinsically work by having an inner mechanism heating a coil or oil, it is important to note that this is a very different experience than traditional bongs and pipes. Where traditional bongs and pipes have the user inhaling smoke from burning cannabis, vape products use either conductive or convective heating to extract the cannabinoids and convert them into an aerosol that gets inhaled.

The different heating and consumption processes of vape products enable them to have some pretty big benefits over traditional methods of smoking. First off, vape products produce a purer or cleaner hit with fewer toxins as you aren't inhaling burnt cannabis, you are inhaling the cannabinoids by way of a safer heating process. The heating process with vaping products also uses less cannabis overall, so you will spend less money when shopping with your local weed dispensary. In fact, the simplified process makes it less messy as well with a significantly reduced odor. These attributes and others have really helped to de-stigmatize cannabis and make it more accessible to a greater variety of people.

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