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Why do we love Halara:

They say is best: "Our story starts with our mutual love for cannabis.

Halara started in a study lounge during our final year of our chemical engineering program. Our professor cracked a fateful joke about extracting cannabis, and we took it seriously. Crafting the highest quality cannabis products we could quickly became our passion. As any responsible person would, we quit our upcoming jobs to see how far we could take it. It all started with the belief that people want a cartridge full of flavor, yet so smooth they don’t have to cough. The outcome? Halara. And we’re just getting started. Halara is founded and registered as a Benefit Corporation of California.

In simple terms, this means we are like a traditional corporation, but we are committed to having a positive impact on the public and environment, rather than simply maximizing our personal profit.

We work with organizations throughout California by releasing limited edition products that highlight important causes and donate profits back to the impacted communities. our values.

  • education and access. We support organization and causes that work to educate the community at large on cannabis, as well as those that provide access to communities otherwise underserved.

  • sustainability. We support organizations and causes that work to promote sustainability in cannabis and beyond. We believe we all have a part to play in the future of our planet.

  • support. We stand behind organizations that provide support to unrepresented and underserved communities, especially those previously impacted by the war on drugs."

Halara is one of Sovereign's favorite brands and if you haven't tried them yet, you're missing out!

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