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Understanding the Difference in Cannabis Products

The wealth of cannabis products on the market can make it confusing for new users looking to find the best method of taking cannabis for them. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the products, different dosages, and choice of strains. One good way to look at the options is by the method of ingestion. Cannabis can be smoked or vaped, eaten, or used as a topical for pain relief. Here is a look at what to expect from each type:


Edibles can run the gamut from small candies to larger food items like brownies and cakes. There are even tinctures, concentrated liquid that you can put in drinks to infuse them with marijuana. Chefs in states with fully legalized marijuana laws create whole cannabis infused dishes and menus, using edible cannabis based ingredients. If you want to try edibles for the first time, begin with a small dosage, as they can be potent. It can take time to feel the effects as your system has to digest the food, so wait at least half an hour to assess if you need to eat more.


Smoking a joint or a bong has been popular since the 1970s. Inhalation methods that are designed to be even more potent now exist for those who struggle with chronic pain or simply want to relax.


Dispensaries offer pre-rolled joints for those who don't know how to roll their own or simply want the convenience of having a joint ready to go. This method is a little more conspicuous than others as you will get the pungent signature smell of weed once you light up, but it can be best for new users as it takes effect right away. As soon as you feel relaxed or pain free, you can put the joint out and save the rest.


Vaporizer cartridges are more expensive than regular flower, but they can be more potent and useful than smoking regular flower. When ingested through a vaporizer, there is no odor and the smoke evaporates quickly. This allows you to use the vaporizer pen discreetly when out in public or in other situations where there is a need for discretion.


Concentrated forms of marijuana, like oil, RSO, and shatter, need to be heated to a higher temperature to be effective. Using what is known as a dab rig and a blowtorch, you can melt these concentrates and inhale them. The potency of these concentrates is higher than regular flower, so you can use much less to get the same effect. However the strength of the product means it isn't ideal for beginners.

Topical Creams

Research now shows that topical applications of cannabis based topical creams can help with a variety of body pains and aches. Because THC is absorbed by fat cells, topical cannabis creams take effect quickly to numb pain.

With some idea of what to expect from each type, you can make the process of selecting a kind of marijuana for yourself much easier.

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