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Researchers Investigate CBD as a Diabetes Treatment

Since medical marijuana became legal in many states, many more articles have appeared on the web about its medical form, CBD. The process of making CBD removes most of the THC from the plant, so none of its properties that could get you high remain. Instead, only the good part of the plant that is non-addictive remains.

You might wonder if you could treat a disease from which you suffer using CBD. One often searched for disease is diabetes, both Type-I and Type-II. According to WebMD, the FDA has not yet approved CBD for the treatment of these disorders. However, it does note that researchers have begun medical studies investigating this option.

Although it has not yet been approved for diabetes, it is available as a treatment for things like inflammation reduction and reducing nerve pain. Those two items appear on the lengthy list of symptoms experienced by diabetic individuals.

Why would you want to talk to your doctor about a prescription for CBD?

Not only could it help with inflammation and nerve pain, but other benefits have shown up in the research results. You should know that the studies conducted so far took place using rats or mice. As of October 31, 2019, researchers had yet to test CBD on humans concerning diabetes, so if you read otherwise, carefully investigate that study.

Potentially, CBD could help diabetic individuals with reduced blood flow to the brain with a reduction in hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), lower cholesterol, lower bad fat levels, and increased insulin production. In the same CBD studies, the animals experienced reduced pain and swelling from nerve damage. This includes helping with neuropathic pain, typically affecting the hands and feet of diabetic individuals. In a study on CBD oil, regular use of the substance under controlled conditions not only promoted good fat, but it also helped convert white fat into brown fat. Brown fat boosts a body’s ability to use glucose, resulting in slimming.

Since the FDA only regulates a CBD drug created to treat epilepsy, you need to carefully consider any CBD product you use, consulting with your doctor first. Some CBD products react with blood thinners. Even if you can acquire it without a prescription, for example by visiting Sacramento, CA on vacation, you should talk to your doctor first about using it. You might experience side effects, including diarrhea, drowsiness, dry mouth, and fatigue. If you do, contact your doctor and stop taking the CBD until you meet with your physician. If the doctor says you can continue taking it safely, do so.

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