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How to Ensure Cannabis Freshness

Cannabis flower will last for six months to approximately two years when stored properly. Keeping cannabis between sixty-five degrees and seventy-five degrees is ideal. Storing your cannabis at temperatures below fifty-five degrees is not suitable. If you hold your weed at temperatures exceeding sixty-five degrees, you risk mold growth.

How to Keep Cannabis Fresh

Storing cannabis flower at room temperature is not suggested. Keeping marijuana at room temperature for one year will reduce your THC ratio by seven percent.

Avoid keeping your marijuana out in the daylight. If kept in the sun, cannabis becomes degraded. The sun will dry out your marijuana and lose its color.

Correct Ways To Store Your Cannabis Flower

An air-tight storage container is the best way to preserve your cannabis flower. An excellent storage container for holding your cannabis is a glass jar. Plastic storage containers are not suggested since they can cause weed flower to form dampness. Once the cannabis gets wet, there is a high chance of mildew development.

An even better option than an air-tight glass container is a blacked-out one. When you blackout the glass, you stop harmful UV rays from breaking down your cannabis flower and drying it out.

To ensure freshness, add humidity packs to your container. Humidity packs are packages that have saltwater. You put the packages in the receptacle with your weed. This practice will make sure the cannabis flower maintains the proper temperature.

Never Store Your Weed These Ways

One should never store cannabis in the freezer. The freezer opens a few times each day, depending on how many people live in your home. That allows light and other external elements to degrade your cannabis flower. Do not store your cannabis flower in the refrigerator either. It would be best to store weed flower in the fridge. Because of the door opening, the change in temperatures will spoil your cannabis.

Do not use a humidor to store your weed. Propylene glycol pumps out of tobacco humidors. Tobacco and cigar humidors are made with cedar wood which can emit oils that will alter the taste of your weed.

You'll always want to make sure you are keeping your cannabis flower as fresh as possible. Remember always to use glass, air-tight containers. Plastic containers are not preferable because they can cause moisture to form on the cannabis flower. Once mold appears, the weed will have to be thrown away to avoid sickness.

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