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A sweet & savory deal whether it's gummies, chips or bars. Take your pick and save!

Every Monday!

10% off all Edibles

From flavorful to infused, enjoy this great deal on all prerolls and blunts!

Every Tuesday!


10% off all Prerolls

A wonderful deal for a tasty assortment of waxes, sauces, dabs and vapes to appeal to every whim!

Every  Wednesday!


10% off all Concentrates

Quench your thirst with a yummy deal on cannabis-infused drinks and syrups!

Every Thursday!


10% off all Drinks

Save on all premium & flavorful flower in stock. Choose from a wide selection of brands

and strains.

Every Friday!

Untitled 8.png

10% off all Flower

Save 10% on all products. (Excludes MCS and discounted items).

Every Saturday!


10% off all Products

Save on a selection of cannabis-infused oils, tinctures and tablets.

Every Sunday!


10% off all Tinctures

Daily Deals cannot be combined with point rewards, or already-discounted items. Excludes all products labeled (MCS).


Share our IG post to your story for 24 hours and tag us, you get a free preroll! (*preroll will vary*)


Share us to your page for 24 hours and tag us, get a free preroll pack or 7 gram ready to roll!

(*preroll pack and ready to roll will vary*)


Refer a friend and you will receive a free 1/8th on your next order! *1/8ths will vary*

To take advantage of this deal, please tag both of our instagram accounts: sovereign916 and sovereign530.

Send a screenshot to 916-661-1542 with your name.

If you refer a friend, please ask them to type your name in the special instructions of their order.

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